Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Warning Americans: Democratic Presidential Candidates

Mark Levin is the great one when it comes to debunking the candidates! He is so sharp and did a wonderful job of exposing a bunch of the candidates and focused on Hillary Clinton yesterday. Check this ~15 minute steam out to learn what is the word.

Some of the gist:
Lots of firsts... first woman to run that hasn't wore a skirt...
Is she qualified? She is a complete phony says Levin.... a phony smile, a phony message, a phony marriage, a phony resume, he can't think of a single reason why a country like ours should have her as our president ... she ran in a blue state, New York not in Arkansas and not in Illinois. She has been running for president for 6 years... one of the greatest lawyers ever!?!... she didn't accomplish anything... she voted for the war and now claims that it was a mistake... she's into surrender.... undermining the war effort... for socialized medicine... bad idea... her policies would be harmful to all Americans.... liberalism kills opportunity by stealing your income and giving it to government chosen programs... like government funded partial birth abortions. Capitalism is not what she wants.... left wind ideologue... pursue there agenda in the name of the people when in fact they use the people... they abuse the people! She despises the military if you look at her husbands treatment of the military... For the children!?

Rush yesterday seemed to hit a nail on the head when he call Obama the God for the Godless. Wow, that's a great way to describe who is in the public eye. These are my thoughts: Watch out for Obama, he's a potential idol for the masses if he isn't already. You know what a man can become if he has power and is truly an idol to the masses. Not sure what this guy stands for or what he believes. Seems like he's all things to all people except he's a liberal I understand. Watch and pray.

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Priamel said...

If phoniness were owned by Hillary, I'd be surprised. Sadly, find a politician who isn't glad-handing and smiling falsely, and I'll show you the next unemployed politician.

Reagan ran for president before, didn't he? Some would say Rudy and McCain have been running quite a while too.

Hillary's position on abortion might do her in. She has a few issues I think will cause her much difficulty, but abortion may be the one that will be the most unsettling to Americans who otherwise respect her.

To Hillary's credit, she has spoken against China's one child policy. However, she also says in the same document, "We should all be able to agree that we want every child born in this country and around the world to be wanted, cherished, and loved," as if a child is not loved, she should be aborted.

I'm not done sorting that out.

My thoughts in 2004 on Hillary's announcement:
Hillary Announces She's Running for the Presidency (satire)