Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama Bad for Traditional Marriage

Marriage is a huge issue for me and should be for any God fearing person. I found this link that with legalization of marriage and what's at stake. If you make marriage between a man and a man or a woman, or a woman and a woman or a man, then you have legal precedence to teaching this in schools. When you have it taught you have parents rights trampled on and children can be indoctrinated. Here is one case of where this happened in Massechusets. This is exactly what I am talking about with Obama's solutions of comprehensive sex education (which reducing abortion is supposed to be a side affect, if you believe that).

I also I believe that we need a Marriage Amendment to the Constitution (federal and states), so that judges can't overrule the will of the people. Obama doesn't support this at either level. California can amend their Constitution with this prop 8 that is on their ballot. McCain supports the Defense of Marriage Act which is a good law federally uphold marriage between a man and a woman, and supported by Clinton and an overwhelming majority of congress back in '96. Obama said he would repeal this law.

My views of marriage are from God's Word, the Bible, which shows that marriage was God's intent for most men and women, and only between men and women. It was good and is still good, and it's been part of civilization growth and sustainability since the beginning. My main goal is to live for God and I want to see people and the overall culture more God fearing, for everyone's benefit, personally, nationally, and internationally. Homosexuality has been a sin according to the Bible in ancient Israel, in Jesus's times, and is still a sin today. Why would our states, or government, say that marriage is between a homosexuals? They have political pressure and do not fear God. The will of the people has been to not allow this, but courts overturn the will of the people, even though there is nothing in the Constitution protecting Gay marriage. In our democracy, we should make things better for our children, not worse. We want a better world, and marriage does matter.

FYI: Conclusions from Why Marriage Matters, Second Edition: Twenty-Six Conclusions from the Social Sciences:

  1. Marriage is an important social good, associated with an impressively broad array of positive outcomes for children and adults alike.
  2. Marriage is an important public good, associated with a range of economic, health, educational, and safety benefits that help local, state, and federal governments serve the common good.
  3. The benefits of marriage extend to poor and minority communities, despite the fact that marriage is particularly fragile in these communities.

5 Reasons Why Barack Obama Shouldn't be President

1. He wants to repeal all abortion laws.
2. He wants to repeal laws protecting marriage between one man and one woman.
3. Parental rights are supplanted by the government. Click on the previous link for an example.
4. Freedom of speech will be reduced. Religious (hate speech laws to speak against homosexuality) and political (reinstatement of the the Fairness Doctrine).
5. "Goodbye, diligence against state sponsored terrorism from rogue governments like Iran, North Korea, and others."

If you are interested in more thoughts...

Economically he very Marxist, he wants to re-form the economy and make it more socialist, to "redistribute wealth" through taxation of the top 5% and apparently sending checks to the lower-income, 40% of Americans. This is not what he says but then he's really bad at math and no one on his campaign dares to correct him? 95% of American's get a tax cut, but 40% of American's pay no Federal Income Tax.

Obama's has a lot of bad characteristics:
1. I believe he has used demagoguery
2. Seeks international consensus... empowers international body, the UN...
3. believes in his own ability to change things to create peace vs. the others
4. provides false hope, we can't continue to increase government spending and programs
5. from my sources, he repeatably uses lies and distortions along with his VP candidate, without any recourse from the main stream media (of course, I can put together something for this if asked)
6. seems to allow himself to be idolized?! ("god for the godless" Rush Limbaugh)
7. associated with a former terrorists, an Anti-American, racist radical pastor, a convicted felon