Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Endorsed Alan Keyes for the Republican Nomination

I have just signed the pledge to support Alan Keyes for president: "THEREFORE, I hereby announce my support for the cause of America's revival, and for ALAN KEYES as the PRESIDENT whose leadership will promote that cause."

I have known about Alan Keyes for years. Saw him speak in Washington DC on the mall for the May Day for Marriage rally about 3 years ago. Voted for him against Barrack Obama for the Senate Race about 3 years ago as well. Why would I do this, considering he is not a front runner, an obscure candidate to most, and even sounded like a mad man in the last debate?

1. As I shared on the "Alan is solidly right on with the issues. I was impressed by Alan Keyes on Hannity & Colmes tonight, learned about his stances on issues on and reviewed his recent Des Moines debate statements on You Tube. I am convinced that he has the knowledge, wisdom, passion, and faith to lead the country to renewal and revival."

2. Alan is better for the country than the others, as I see it, because he is more likely to lead us towards national revival and restoration, from a God fearing, moral perspective (that would have been respected in the history of this great nation). Previously I supported Mike Huckabee, even gave to his campaign. I believed that he was a decent choice, perhaps the best, among the remaining others but I seen him as weak and bending on some key things (worth of a blog entry itself, but on his few weaknesses I see in his character and policy). So I believe he may not be the right man for the race for the Republican nomination (I am in Iowa BTW). For Mike's sake, I am glad he's great he is surging in the polls and getting recognition and I do pray for the guy as a Christian brother.

3. Now I know that a vote for Alan Keys is like a vote for Mitt Romney, which is not ideal because I don't fully trust the guy based on what I've seen so far, but it he's at least better than Guiliani or McCain, in my mind, and hope in reality. Going with my conscious has a price to pay, but that price I'm willing to pay. BTW: Romney has really done poorly in my mind when he has been attacking Huckabee, because I don't think it's unnecessary, fair or wise to put down such an experienced, moral/good-guy, and respected former governor.

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