Thursday, February 14, 2008

Global Warming - Revisited

If you have been following my blogging sites you will see that I am very concerned about global warming, most specifically related to the burning of burning fossil fuels (creating CO2). CO2 is now considered a pollutant by the supreme court and politicians are working on the regulation. It's now assumed that we can must control this gas and it's directly linked to the catastrophic warming of the earth. No doubt there are other things that would be regulated after CO2, if we still have the money, but this is the first. I have been very concerned that people are being misled by Al Gore and the rhetoric of other politicians, problematic or corrupt scientists, the left leaning main-stream media, the UN scientific body, and the nativity and ignorance of the uninformed.

Recently even I heard a Vineyard pastor teach that it's real and there is no debate, and we must be involve. I've heard in the last week or so that Al Gore was in a Baptist church teaching his Inconvenient Truth message with Bible verses included. Not only Al Gore and the radical environmentalists are moralizing and stirring up fear on this but recently President Bush and the Presidential candidates are making this a front and center issue, including leading Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain. President George W. Bush has reinforced the belief that man is behind climate change is trying to solve the problem and has a comprehensive plan in that I added up lots of money and boasted to spend at least $11.3 billion per year on it. Some of this was already is in place, but it's seems to go beyond what I would want my government and tax dollars to go for.

Note: President Bush's plan assumes we have to reduce CO2 by 18% within 10 years, keeping in step with the guidance from the Kyoto Protocol. There is a lot of research involved, funding committees and data gathering, asking (not forcing) businesses to participate, has a carbon credit system with trading, all while trying maintaining a growth economy. Glad he's trying to look out for our economy at least.

Do I agree with all this concern and special effort? No, it's not encouraging but is motivating for me to learn more and share what I know. What do I know that most people don't? I have a scientific background and have done research from various sources on the matter. I also have a concern for economic stewardship as well environmental stewardship, both as important before the creator and God. What if we are wrong, and we don't do anything to fix a problem that isn't real, and put ourselves at a competitive disadvantage in a global economy? We have huge economic problems with our national debt, national deficit, and the bankrupting of our government with our entitlement programs.

Note: however, I support a plan to get us off of foreign oil and I agree with energy independence for economic and national security reasons.

Here are some of my sources, that I would like to share:

Doesn't everyone say the debate is over? The debate is not over. It's just that one side says it is and refuses to debate. You want to get in on the other side (man-made CO2 isn't to blame) from degreed climate experts? Check out the You Tube post on "The Great Global Warming Swindle" documentary from the UK (this link is just the beginning of it). The documentary web site gives more information as well. It has scientists that present a contrary view based on climate science than the "accepted scientific truth" (or "scientific consensus"). In Australia on TV there was a debate over this film, and it shows more about the film from a critical perspective, and shows that there are scientists and researchers still willing to debate, contrary what you won't get from US TV or cable (other than from Glenn Beck). Here is a link to the debate.

Glenn Beck has been providing me lot's of my sources to understand this from the other side of the debate. I searched You Tube and founds some good ones:

1. "Exposed Climate of Fear" special by Glenn Beck.*
2. "Exposed Climate of Fear" conclusion in his special by Glenn Beck.
3. John Coleman, famous meatorologist, founder of the Weather Channel, on Glenn Beck tells how global warming is a scam. He says that is created by the scientists to make a living on pop science but they can't come to non-PC conclusion and hope for funding. The money is there if you supporting the party line. John did the research and found it's Bogus science. 19,000 signed a petition against Global Warming. In John Coleman's rant on the scam of it all he said: "The sky is not falling. And, natural cycles and drifts in climate are as much if not more responsible for any climate changes underway. I strongly believe that the next twenty years are equally as likely to see a cooling trend as they are to see a warming trend."

Sen Inhofe, former chair of the Congressional environmental committee, speaks this is very straight forward way, the politics about it and how it's the sun that's causing global warming. Also talked about him changing his mind from belief in man made global warming to not, when he understood the enormous tax burden on the American people, and he looked at the others side of the debate. See Sen. Inhofe talk about what he calls junk science and a religion (on You Tube).

More from John Coleman: "Is Global Warming Melting the Arctic Icecap?"
"The Arctic Ice melt media blitz in the late Summer of 2007 was a classic example of how the media and environmentalists are virtually promoting Global Warming with religious zealotry. When the predicted Global Warming enhanced hurricane season failed to materialize, they turned their attention to the North Pole. "

Huge Ross, the Christian physicist, saying slow down: "Global Warming -- How concerned do we really need to be?"

In conclusion, there is good reason to be skeptical of the man made CO2 global warming scare. I'm not into big government or global governance, which this belief would move us toward. I believe I shouldn't jump on potentially economically destructive and futile regulation bandwagon to "save the planet", and nor should you. Please spread the word, and encourage the debate, because our economy that we hand off to our children is at stake (not to mention the fate of popular science, accountability, and the truth). This is a moral issue considering how the economy is liked to our well being, freedom, and our children's welfare in the world. Poverty and debt, caused by the corrupt or ignorant, based on junk science.... that's just wrong.


Ed said...

You really need to read some of the "other side" before you take a position, my friend! Just about all of your segments posted are well out of date. Check out - they have a long list of articles dealing with a whole laundry list of objections - even if you don't agree, you owe it to yourself (and your children and grandchildren) to at least consider the alternatives...

Here's a couple to get you started!

Good luck!

David said...

Ed, I am not aware of new data but I can perhaps investigate your links soon. *I have updated a link, found a better source. Also changed the ordering of my sources. Version 2.0 would be better for wider distribution. Also I have been doing study on the science behind this it. One interesting thing I found was that the southern hemisphere has not increased in temperature for 18 years according to Satellite data.