Thursday, January 3, 2008

An hour away from the Iowa Caucuses

It's about an hour away from the Iowa Caucuses. I have my voter registration (registered as a Republican) with new IA driver's license. I am anxious and feeling the weight of the moment. It's tough to know what to do as I have recently pledged to endorse Alan Keyes, I have decided I don't want to see Mitt Romney win Iowa, and I have been very interested in Mike Huckabee. Also I consider myself a conservative and so don't want to ignore Hunter and Thompson as well, however, these fellas aren't as inspiring as leaders (so have no shot to win IMO).

Currently I'm leaning on voting against Mitt Romney and for Mike Huckabee because:
1. Mitt Romney has been involved with lying. I have heard this related to the beliefs of Mormonism. Saying that Mormons believe that Jesus will return in Israel when they really believe he will return in Missouri (Way of the Master Radio interviews an ex-Mormon about this). Implying that Mormonism believes in the same things that Christians do in regards to Jesus and salvation, which they do not. They believe that it's faith + obeying the commandments (works) that save a person. Also they do believe that Jesus is not God in the same way as Christians do (and yes, I believe that do believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers). Click here to learn more (see the video): Mormonism - Glenn Beck to what Mormon's believe

2. Mitt Romney has been negative campaigning in desperation against Mike Huckabee after he lost his lead in the poll to him. This negative campaigning has involved distortion of the statements and positions of Mike Huckabee. I agree with Michael Medved on these points and also believe what Mike Huckabee has said.

3. I trust Mike Huckabee even though he has done things that raise questions, I accept his response to them.

4. So what about Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter being more than harsh on Huckabee (not to mention Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Hewitt)? I think they want Romney or Thompson, or even Giuliani and Huckabee scares them. They don't think he's conservative enough, fear him being too compassionate perhaps, don't think he can win against Hillary, or something. I personally respect these people a lot but do not see eye-to-eye because my allegiance is not so much with the conservative movement as with the social conservative movement based on Christian values. So they hold him up to a hirer standard that the others, which is not fair and right. They can ensure a democratic win if they don't give up on this negative campaign of distortion against one of the front runners in the race.

5. Why not vote for Alan Keyes? He has let us all down by coming in late to the game and his support is grassroots, apparently it's not really getting into the media well enough. Ron Paul ran a much better grassroots campaign, for example. I'm disappointed that his campaign is so weak, however, I'm glad he is trying and I support most of his stands. He is best on social issues, much stronger, perhaps too strong, as he's a polarizer.

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