Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee Wins IA

It's estimated that Huckabee has won according to Fox News and CNN. He has a 9% edge over Romney with 93% of the precincts reporting. I did ended up caucusing for him but had to really think about it before I wrote the name on the piece of paper. My heart was with my word (online pledge made for Keyes) and wanted Keyes to win but I remembered why I was there that night, to defeat Romney and have Huckabee win (and Keyes had his other chances in the past). My particular precinct (18) had more votes for Romney by about 5 (which was disappointing) but perhaps this was because there was a much better speech for Romney by someone that was involved in the actual organization of the event. Huckabee didn't have anyone to speak for him at first but had a couple people speak up for him at the last minute. It was strange that Alan Keye's was not mentioned as a candidate so I'm not sure my vote would have even counted if I did vote for him, however, there was someone that was allowed to speak for him at the end (as all the other Republican candidates had people speak or could speak on their behalf).

Closing thoughts:

I think Huckabee could make a good president in the mold of Reagan in that he is an attractive and potentially unifying personality. I think he has significant moral fiber and I approve him so much more than any of the Democrat candidates. Just go to his Web and see his stand on the issues.

Obama won on the other side, so what does Huckabee offer over Obama? He's not from the GOP? He's more attractive to young people? The message of change resonates? Who is more for the the little guy? Huckabee said he wants change but change for the better. I agree that Huckebee offers a better plan. I also think Huckabee understands the little guy more so than many Repulican candidates which helps him against the Democrats that claim to be for them.

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David said...

See the previous blog entry to see more about why I voted as I did, voting against Romney in the IA Caucus: An hour away from the Iowa Caucuses