Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Iowa Caucass in 2 days

Now that we are 2 days from the Iowa Caucus I am ready to share some more of my thoughts on who to support or not to support. While I haven't been keeping up as well as I could have, I have been able to investigate some of the choices.

Mitt Romney, is one who I do not support in the primary. He is misrepresenting his faith (i.e. LYING) publicly claiming that Jesus will return to Israel when he knows that the Mormon church teaches that he'll return in Missouri. Also he is trying to persuade people to believe Mormonism is another conservative domination of Christianity which it is not. They believe that it's faith + works that get you to heaven and yes, they do believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers (so thy don't believe in the divinity of Jesus like Christians). Mitt's has the uncanny ability to turn questions taken out of context, from his rival, into slams of bigotry. He is running a negative campaign with his millions against Huckabee and McCain, and I hope he looses in IA and maybe to McCain in NH because of it.

Mike Huckabee, is showing that he has main stream media appeal and some repectable polling numbers, however, the conservative talk shows and commentators do not have much good to say about him. I don't think most are being fair to him and believing some misrepresentations even, but he does make you wonder if he can muster enough support from the Republican base to win. I don't think he can, but he has elevated the dialog to moral issues again, and for that I'm grateful. Also I have seen him do compromising or stupid things, misrepresenting his faith by claiming that there is more than one way to salvation than through Jesus. To Mike Huckabee's defense, he is better than the others in my opinion. He has the ability to unify the country through his beliefs and ways, has the most executive experience of any of the candidates in either party, and is a compassionate conservative. If it wasn't for another candidate, I might have voted for him.

I think that Alan Keye's is the best on the issues, however, he came so late into the game, and isn't really going to be expected to win, at least by watching the polls and news. He does seem to have the best foreign policy experience of any candidate. Alan has worked for the State department. Even Mitt Romney admitted that someone from the state department might be the best for the job before he went to discounting that idea because he doesn't have that experience. Alan has a great ad that out shows why he is the best of the rest, and I agree that he is better than any of the others on abolishing abortion, judicial tyranny, border security, international policy, and Reagan conservative ideals.

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