Monday, January 14, 2008

McCain for the Republican Nominee? Please No...

McCain seems to be the front runner now in the Republican race for the 2008 presidential candidate. While McCain has a good record on the war in Iraq, and may come across as good potential commander and chief, and even my he comes across as a great man, he seems to lacks the foundational guidance that would make him good on many other issues. I heard Michael Medved agree that he doesn't seem to have core values that other candidates have (conservatism, Judeo-Christian framework, etc.) and seems to be all over the place on things. Not everything McCain has done has been good but he's getting a lot of press, so what would give me pause voting for him in a primary?

1. Don't believe he is a trustworthy Social Conservative. Rick Sentorum a pro-life Christian Conservative Republican, who I heard on Hugh Hewitt's show recent, was in the Senate with McCain for 12 years and said that McCain behind closed doors argued against every social conservative issue because he wasn't comfortable voting on them. Publicly McCain never championed any social conservative issues. In fact McCain supported the bill (with Hillary and Obama) for Federally Funded Embryonic Stem Cell research that was ultimately vetoed by President Bush (I blogged on this in the past). This is inconsistent with his statements on his Web site. I don't believe his Web site because of that vote. Also of note, he has recently come out and said Row vs. Wade should be overturned. This is new for the 2008 election, can you trust his change in opinion and his ability to fight for the change?

2. McCain-Feingold Act. I am actually a bit outraged by this affront on the freedom of speech and first amendment rights. McCain stood clearly and vocally against the pro-lifers in Wisconsin. Affected not only big business but Right to Life advertisements and other grassroots lobbyists before an election, the making issue advertisements illegal 60 days before an general election and 30 days before a primary. WI Right to Life fought this and they got an exemption for grassroots lobbiest organization via Supreme Court 5-4. Now, despite McCain's work, pro-lifers wanted to be able to advertise on TV before the election about about the stances of a candidate, when it could actually make a difference! Here is a link to learn more: Supreme Court Slaps McCain-Feingold

3. He voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment twice (2004 and 2006). "Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances," Dobson said on the Jerry Johnson Live radio program, which is hosted by Criswell College's president. "... He's not in favor of traditional marriage, and I pray that we won't get stuck with him." McCain claims to for the states make the decision.

4. McCain believes in Man Made Global Warming and argues for federal legislation be done ("Cap and Trade" on corporations or consumptions taxation from what I've heard). He emphasis should be on more energy independence and not backing this liberal movement based on brute political force, distortions and fear, with the unproven scientific conjecture. Here is some of what he stands for.

BTW: The founder of the Weather Channel and meterologist, John Coleman has an 8 part set of articles on Man Made Global Warming, Global Warming is a Scam, or you can search my blogs for more on Global Warming, for example: Global Warming -- How concerned do we really need to be?

BTW: McCain also opposes drilled for oil Anwar AK as well and his solution, when I heard him on the radio today, didn't include Nuclear power.

5. His hateful angry outburst show he has some core problems with anger and self-control. Do you think he's the right guy when you read about all the times that he went off, swearing, on blistering personal attacks on other people? Sure, it's fun to watch this guy put people down sometimes but it's wrong, and not right for the president to be one of these people. See this article: McCain's Out-of-Control Anger: Does He Have the Temperament to Be President? by Ronald Kessler. He was really out of control in one of the debates, picking on Romney even... check out You Tube.

I will give him credit for being great on the war:
1. Inspired by him on his stand on the War in Iraq. See my blog.
2. He has some good ideas on his Web site that you can explore if you want (I only look briefly at heathcare and the issues I mentioned above):
3. Not sure how he is with taxes but I know he's good with spending. He fights pork barrel spending (claims to have never taken any pork for his state). He also voted against the presidents tax cuts (claimed that we needed spending cuts with that). I've heard that this is a problem with him but at least he's trying to protect the budget.


David said...

As an alternative I do recommend checking out Mike Huckabee. I suppose your favorite Republican conservative candidate may be fine, but please not a Democrat (or at least please talk to me before voting!). You can see where I'm coming from based on principals that come across in my blogging. In MI I would be tempted to vote for Romney because I would be considering it to vote against McCain as the polls have them close. Sometimes it's better to vote for the lesser of two less than ideal candidates for the sake of the country. It's impossible to get around the impact of media perception and polling.

Resilient Hawk said...

Both parties, all candidates are disappointing me. 2004 was no better. I voted, but not happily, for George Bush. Had the Democrats given me a real candidate, I might have gone their way, but John Kerry was not exactly a man worth following.

I'm so undecided that I might skip the primaries and see where it all lands. While I am hardly a Barack Obama fan, if by some weird fluke of statistics and polling, someone like Rudy G wound up winning the primaries, and November pitted him against Obama, I would be hard-pressed to decide.

Resilient Hawk said...

Have you heard? Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf is Gonzo for John McCain.

This just increased John McCain's stock among a-religious conservatives.